Nothing adds magic to the holiday season better than embracing festive traditions and wearing a festive outfit! Read our guide and select cheerful, eye-catching jewelry to be festive and fashionable at your next get-together.
Whether you're going to a Christmas party with friends and family, or you want to look festive for a holiday occasion, add some extra sparkle to your Christmas outfits by wearing a dazzling piece of jewelry by DelBrenna. 

LOOK FESTIVE WITH Gold & Antique GOLd finish

Selecting jewelry for your holiday outfit is, first of all, a matter of finding the pieces you love, matching them together, and pairing them with the right clothing.
Here's a piece of advice for those whose creativity tends to wander endlessly or those who are indecisive: Keep it as straightforward and efficient as possible. How? By choosing a single unifying finish to get a polished and refined look. For Christmas, we thought you might choose gold tones, which we love at DelBrenna!
By sticking to one finish, you will get a sophisticated, harmonious look, even if your jewelry pieces are quite different in style. Choose our antique gold finish for a classical look. Or match pieces in bright yellow gold for a modern, sparkly outfit. Elevate the shimmer even more by incorporating elements from our diamond-cut collections! 

RED & Green: Make an impact with gemstones

Once you've chosen the finish of your jewelry, it's time to think about gemstones!
If you like color as much as we do, you must include our natural gemstones in your festive jewelry sets. Our advice is to keep the rest of your outfit simple when wearing colorful jewelry, so it becomes a blank canvas to show off your sparkles!
We've selected red and green gemstones—carnelian, garnet, green agate, green jade, and malachite for the holiday season. These gems look great in designs ranging from our Dolce Vita earrings to the Botticelli and Magnolia Collections. A deep-green and bright-red color palette pairs perfectly with holiday cheer!
Final advice? May we suggest a statement piece—such as an intricate Botticelli necklace on a plain colored top. Choose a pretty blouse in a shade that highlights one of the gemstones' hues, or go timeless with tones of blue, evergreen, crimson, shades of grey, and black or white! You can't go wrong, and your jewelry surely won't go unnoticed!

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