If you are a June birthday, you have three fascinating birthstones to choose from: pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones to find in nature, which also means it can be very expensive. Pearl and moonstone are more accessible, and both are connected to nature: pearls to the enchantment of the sea and moonstone to the magic of the sky. We love them! They also complement almost every woman’s complexion with their light and neutral color, and both are associated with charming meanings and legends. Read more to discover how the birthstones of June are included in our DelBrenna collections. 


Pearls are associated with calmness, honesty, and purity.
Pearls have been used as adornment for centuries and are often connected with love and marriage in many cultures. Ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of the gods.
The DelBrenna Pearls Collection is really unique and special! Sebastian & his father have designed an exclusive collection, including freshwater pearls woven and soldered into the signature DelBrenna handmade chain. We hand select only the best cultivated freshwater pearls in a frost white tone. The pearls are then paired with our silver chain in rhodium or yellow gold finish. And because the pearls are built into the chain, these pearls will never need to be re-strung, an heirloom jewel made to last a lifetime. Check our collection to amaze and surprise June divas who love pearls! 


Moonstone, or the 'gemstone of the moon,' is a mesmerizing gemstone that shimmers as light rays are reflected and scattered through the gem. Found all over the world, moonstone is loved for its blue to white, moonlight-like adularescence. Rare blue moonstones are the highest quality - they have a deep color that seems to change as you move the stone around.
Moonstones have always been associated with magic and a deep significance. Romance and passion, as well as protection and luck, are considered to be their mystical properties. However, in many cultures, moonstone has often been associated with love; in particular, it is believed to promote harmony and happiness. In the past, travelers used to wear moonstones for protection and guidance during the night.
Some unique pieces with beautiful, shimmering moonstones have been displayed in our boutiques over the years, and we are planning to make more and more! Upon request, we can find unique moonstones to craft the most delicate 18K gold designs. 

Not only pearls: mother of pearl, too!  

Here at DelBrenna, we are so in love with pearls and with the allure, they beckon that we want to use them in many, many designs! To do this, we have found a really fabulous and versatile substitute: the mother of pearl, which is the iridescent inside layer of a mollusk shell! Please have a look at our latest designs with the mother of pearl, including our newest Piazza Collection. Here the stone is cut flat like a disc—an easy, perfect look for Summer!

Piazza Collection

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