APRIL  27TH, 2023

Make it a Sparkling Mother's Day


With both jewelry and mothers speaking the universal language of love, they will be treasured forever. That's why beautiful, handcrafted jewelry is perfect for celebrating your bond and making memories this Mother's Day.

Show your love with stunning, handmade jewelry from DelBrenna that stands for unconditional love and timeless memories. Discover the perfect piece from DelBrenna to honor a mother's unconditional love and make everlasting memories. Make this Mother's Day one to remember.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Jewelry is always a great gift to tell a story about your relationship. Transport her to Italy with brand-new designs from our most-loved collections. Your mom deserves something unique and timeless. Whether it's a pendant or a pair of earrings, make her day unforgettable with jewelry that celebrates your relationship. Shop now and give the perfect Mother's Day gift. Show your love with unique jewelry pieces inspired by Italian artistry.

1 • Sunflowers say it all

in a new size just perfect for mom

Sunflowers represent vitality, loyalty, and optimism, making them an excellent mom symbol. We hope our Sunflowers will help brighten Mom's days and keep a smile on her lips and in her heart!

2 • Mother of Pearl

A Symbol of Motherly Love

Mother of pearl is the material produced in the inner layer of seashells in which pearls grow. Feminine, resilient, and bright―just like her. Could there be a more metaphoric gem for Mother's Day?

3 • Polished Black Onyx

A Little Italian Glamour

The flat-cut Onyx gemstone, with its dark and glossy color, matches perfectly with our gold finish and gives this design an aura of timeless elegance. The Piazza collection represents art, simplicity, and humanity and we can’t wait to see it on you!

4 • Iconic Chains

Links that bond

There is a staying power, a sentimentality, and an heirloom quality about DelBrenna chains—making them an excellent choice for Mom's Day. DelBrenna handcrafted chains clearly represent the links that bond: memories, time, and unconditional love.

5 • Say it with "Amore"

above all things, love

We know there cannot be such thing as a "Mini Amore", but sometimes less is more, and we are sure that our Amore collection - in its daintiest version yet - will have you head over heels in a heartbeat! Translated from Italian, ‘Amore’ means love, and it’s a sentiment that we always like to express through beautiful, handcrafted pieces.

6 • You've gotta have faith

Our Lonestar Cross in a new size

It is said that the emperor Constantine the Great converted to Christianity when he saw a cross appear in the sky. Our Cross Charm features DelBrenna’s beloved twist effect. It is a subtle, elegant cross that looks lovely on a charm bracelet or as a small touch on a necklace!

7 • Good Luck Italian-style

Good luck, and good wishes

It doesn’t get more Italian than our Italian horn charm! A "corno" or "cornetto" is Italian for "horn" or "little horn" and is an Italian amulet worn for good luck and protection from harm. DelBrenna’s Italian horn charm features our beloved twist design for a little extra Italian style.

8 • Colorful Vivaldi Spring


Captivating, intriguing, dazzling: our Vivaldi “Spring” collection is an ode to the Italian elegance, to the abundance of the Baroque style, but also to the beauty of new beginnings and the lively colors of Spring.

Mother's day is here!

This time of year is a beautiful reminder to celebrate the unconditional love of all the nurturing figures in our lives. DelBrenna offers handcrafted jewelry to help cherish and remember this special bond. Show your love and appreciation with a timeless piece from DelBrenna.

Time is love. DelBrenna is Love.

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