The captivating ruby is considered the king of precious gems and it is the birthstone for July!
Its glowing hue, reminiscent of the sun, suggests an inextinguishable flame within the stone.

RUBY History & Properties

The ruby is a variation of the mineral corundum, with chromium responsible for its vibrant color, ranging from pink to a fuchsia-red color. Indeed, the word "ruby" originates from the Latin word Rubeus, meaning "red”. 
Ruby is a symbol of passion and energy, a talisman of protection and prosperity. Praised for its rarity, hardness (second only to diamond), and mystical powers, ruby has been long associated with blood and life force. In ancient cultures, ruby was believed to predict misfortune or danger, and some claimed it would cure inflammatory diseases and soothe anger. Since Medieval times, rubies are said to encourage health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. 

more than a precious gemstone

the story behind a fabulous ruby ring by delbrenna

This story is about a special ruby ring and a great woman celebrating her personal victory.
Erin came to Cortona for a friend's wedding in 2018 and fell in love with our 18k gold ring featuring a gorgeous pear-shaped ruby. She loved the ruby ring at first sight and wore it ever since!
Not long after she came back to the United States, she found out she had breast cancer. She went through this unexpected journey with great strength and stamina. One year later, she contacted us because she wanted Sebastian to create a new stacking ring to compliment her ruby. The band design hugs her other ring, making a crown around it, with pink sapphires perfectly representing her treatment journey, her perseverance, and her victory in the battle of breast cancer.
As she described the ring herself, this was "a little something to celebrate making it through this journey, and coming out the other side Cancer free!"
Thank you, Erin, for making us part of your success and memories; we are incredibly proud of you.


Most of 18K gold designs are made to order. This include jewelry with rubies!
Contact us to craft your unique piece of jewelry in ruby red. We will select the finest and the most beautiful gems for you. Pair a ruby with white diamonds for a one-of-a-kind ring, perfect for all divas born in July!

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5118774918074 (2).jpg
5118774918074 (3).jpg
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5118774918074 (5).jpg
5118774918074 (1).jpg

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